Career options for geography students

Geography is a popular subject that covers a whole variety of topics such as nature, environments and population and because of this variety, students are provided with a wide array of career paths.

Studying geography develops a variety of skills as it is a multidisciplinary subject. As a geography graduate, it is expected that you will have good problem solving skills, computer literacy, analytical skills and environmental awareness, which are all very marketable skills to a potential employer when looking for a career.

Environmental research
Due to current concerns surrounding climate change, shrinking energy resources and sustainability of the people and planet; there is a large job sector growing relating to research in these areas. Ideal candidates are geography graduates with current knowledge of present environmental issues. Sustainability is on the minds of most businesses who want to ensure they are complying to certain Government legislations and advising other businesses on how they can reduce their impact of the environment. This career would be suitable for a geography student with environmental interests.

Geographical information systems
All the time new technologies are emerging, which enhance the methods already used and create new job sectors. One of these is geographical information systems (GIS), which allows the analysis of data sets and images and in some cases create predictions. If this is an area of the geography spectrum that has been studied it can create opportunities with local councils, met office and the military.

Specialist career sectors
Specialist geography careers could include teaching, town planning, cartographer and climatologist amongst others. To achieve a more specialist career, more specific studying may need to be undertaken. This could be through the choice of  individual units chosen at university or undertaking a graduate degree to compliment your under-graduate qualification. To gain more experience and improve employability, work experience could be undertaken to help develop skills learnt at university and put them into practise whilst also gaining an insight into the working world. As many jobs do not have geography in the title it is important to think about the skills that have been developed through studying geography and how they can inspire a potential employer to consider the application that has been made.