Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

With the ever-growing variety of educational and recreational toys, books and gadgets available, there are plenty of gift ideas for girls that are sure to delight.

When referring to birthday gift ideas for girls it’s important to categorize gifts according to an age group. Toddlers and preschoolers, five to ten year old girls, and teenagers are common categories that are used by most toy stores. You don’t necessarily have to spend too much money to buy a nice gift for a girl. Simple ideas for girls can go a long way in keeping someone happy.

Gift Ideas for Girls in the Toddler Age Group

  • For girls in the age group of twelve months to two years gifts like a stroller styled walker, a trail rider, laugh and learn players, and a swing set are perfect. Glow worms, a rocking horse and talking books are other alternatives you could consider. Children of this age group would also fancy toys that make sounds or ones that play music or tell stories. If you find it difficult to select the right toy for a toddler you can always rely on clothing as an ideal gift. From summer dresses, swimsuits to shoes, you’ll have much to choose from. Simply, make sure you read the labels correctly so that you purchase the right sized garment.

Gift Ideas for Girls in the Age Group of Five to Ten

  • Girls in this age group are able to perform more complex activities than toddlers. Instead of purchasing a doll or a stuffed toy it might be better to purchase gifts like a school backpack, a pogo stick, a bicycle or a musical instrument. Smaller sized guitars and keyboards make nice gifts since they tap on the child’s talent and encourage them to learn to play music. If the girl is around nine or ten years old you could purchase board games. Monopoly and Scrabble are all time favorites. Aside from these gifts, the latest electronic gaming systems are in high demand. The Nintendo DSi handheld gaming system is one such example.

Gift Ideas for Girls in the Teenage Group

  • Once again electronic gift items rule the market when it comes to gifts for teenagers. Parents generally gift the PS3, Wii or the Xbox 360 consoles to their teenagers at some point or the other. If the teenage girl already owns one of these gaming consoles, simply look for the latest game that has been released and gift it to her. If not look for a boom box, a karaoke system or a set of movie DVD’s. While there are plenty of gift ideas for girls of all age groups, you must keep the child’s interests in mind when making a purchase.