Becoming a Blogger for Hire

In today's society of constant updates and immediate feedback, becoming a blogger for hire is an appealing notion, but it can also be a daunting task.

Many companies offer sections of their website which are dedicated to bloggers. These bloggers can review products, offer information about upcoming events and tie the business to the local community. A blogger for hire can add a personal touch to the company that makes the consumer feel more comfortable and important. With this wide range of blogging demands, the question isn't whether someone can become a professional blogger, but where to begin.

Building a portfolio: a large step and a foot in the industry
The first thing a blogger for hire needs is a portfolio to submit to prospective employers. One way is to submit articles through freelance companies who act as a middleman between websites and writers. These sites receive orders from websites who want specific content, and freelance writers take on the projects they feel comfortable writing about. This can allow you to build a varied portfolio while practising and honing your writing skills.

Submitting your portfolio to companies hiring bloggers
A simple keyword search of "companies hiring bloggers" can yield hundreds of suggestions. With your portfolio in hand, you now have something to submit as a sample of your work. How many samples should you send? As many as you have. Many interviewees leave a job interview wishing for the chance to simply sit their prospective employer down and let them watch them work. A blogger for hire has this exact opportunity by submitting as many writing samples as they've acquired.

A blogger for hire is persistent
As with any job, a blogger for hire needs to be willing to submit their portfolio to dozens of companies. Many employees remember taking weeks to find a job, and a job in the competitive world of writing is no different. Being refused is not necessarily a reflection of poor writing skills, so stay with it.