Basic Elements Of A Healthy Lifestyle

Leading a healthy lifestyle in today's temptation-filled society is slightly more challenging than in previous generations, however there are still many ways to lead an active and health conscious lifestyle.

Exercise, diet and sleep are the most basic elements there are to living a healthy life. If these three simple factors can be kept in check constantly then it is very simple to live healthily. A good diet is the most crucial part of this and the phrase 'you are what you eat' really rings true.



Healthy Diet
Water is very important. A lot of people allow themselves to become dehydrated without realising. Once you become thirsty, it is too late. The best way to keep yourself hydrated is to drink 8 glasses a day. By always having some water to sip you can improve your concentration and feel a lot better and energetic. Fruit and vegetables should also be eaten regularly and combined into meals whenever possible. They provide the main minerals and vitamins that the body needs and help in making you feel fit and active. Exercise is also crucial as it keeps the Metabolism working and feeds the blood cells with oxygen, which helps keep the body feeling energised and fresh. However, this does not mean gym work or rigorous exercise, which is a common misconception. Something as easy going as walking and stretching daily can be very beneficial as it keeps weight down, maintains flexibility and helps to boost self-esteem. With a healthy body, comes a healthy mind.

What should be avoided to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
There are so many temptations that discourage healthy living: smoking, drinking and fatty foods are some of these. Whilst smoking should really be avoided at all times, drinking alcohol and unhealthy, but delicious, foods can be done in moderation. This is the most important factor - that any fast food or junk food eaten is done irregularly and supplemented by a healthy diet. Small steps like the way food is fried can also help. Using clean, organic products can also help the body because even though the food is unhealthy, it is cooked in a more responsible manner and can still contain important nutrition for the body.